For our English speaking guests

Without a boat you can’t experience this unique Wadden adventure

Short summery of this active and unique Wadden tour

  • The trip takes about 3 hours and departure is 2 hours prior to low water
  •  You will be welcomed on board with coffee, tea, lemonade, cake and a brief explanation about the ship and destination
  • First we make a tour on the Wadden Sea. Below the village of Vlieland towards ‘Lange Paal’ (Long Pole) to see the island from a different perspective. When we can no longer continue, water drops with the tide, we turn the rudder and sail to a dry sandbar
  • Arrived at the right place the ship goes for anchor. Everyone gets a waders (from shoe size 32 – 48). Captain Harm will prepare the dinghy and brings us in small groups to the sandbar.
  • The materials for shrimp fishing will be collected seperatly. Afther a short walk we will sail again on the 2nd channel towards the next sandbar
  • With landingnets and a small trawl we go up to our waist in the water. Curious about what we are going to catch and discover. Seals, if around are often very curious and come closer to see what we are doing. Of course we don’t want to disturb their peace
  • If we catch enough shrimps we will take them with us on board where we cook, peel and eat them
  • We stay approx. 1 hour at the bottom of the sea. When the water starts to rise we begin the return trip to the Marina of Vlieland

Further explanation

  • When there is too much wind 5 bft. or more, please contact us about the continuation of the tour
  • The Wadden tour will take place with a minimum of 6 (up to 12 people)
  • We advise not to put on your best clothes. You can get dirty or wet. Take a few extra socks for the waders
  • The cost is € 35,- per person, which includes drinks and refreshments
  • Please note that the interest in the Wadden Phoca Trips is huge


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Departures are based on low tide. For final passage, we are dependent on the weather and sufficient participation.